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Welcome to Pretzel City Press LLC, an independent publisher of literary fiction, poetry, memoirs, and drama, serving Berks County with headquarters in Reading, Pennsylvania. When publisher Marian Wolbers started Pretzel City Press, she determined that pretzels and books belonged together forever, and that if readers wanted to buy signed copies of books, we would reward them with pretzels made right here in Berks County and even offer information about some of the other traditional pretzels enhancing this part of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Pretzel City Press strives to connect books, pretzels, and charities to local (and global) residents of this world. We are all interconnected, and fostering that connection begins here, with what might seem like a simple book and a simple pretzel. We are so much closer than we think.

So pull up a chair, scroll through who we are and what we are about, and pick a book to start your journey with the Pretzel City Press community. We are thrilled to have you!

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