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Autographed copies are available for purchase exclusively through Pretzel City Press, and are boxed with complimentary "reading pretzels," courtesy of local Reading pretzel companies.

Scoop up a copy, or two or three, by clicking the "Buy Autographed Copy" button below, leading directly to an email message to our publisher. Let her know how many copies you wish to purchase and you will be on your way! 

A percentage of profits from each book is donated to a charitable organization of the author's choice.

New Releases

Arlington Club Front Cover.jpg


Anthony Maize began writing fiction for his own amusement while still in high school. His short stories “Bosco Jones” and “Patty and Gert” were previously published in Evening Street Review. A member of the original Bold Writers group in Reading, PA, he has been a featured author in public readings, including at Albright College. Maize was born in Plainfield, NJ, but has lived most of his life in southeastern Pennsylvania. Read full bio.


Anthony Maize's first anthology of short stories leads readers to encounter themes of justice, love, lust, labor, redemption, retribution, fear, ghosts, and the spirit world. Some of Maize’s characters exist in interiority, in solitude, as in “The Cave,” interacting only with nature, memories, and a dog named Sue. Others meet in what can only be described as serendipitous good fortune, like the vagabond Bosco Jones and the elderly Miz Thibodaux (Maisy) who gives Bosco shelter, food, and clothing. With a photographer’s keen eye and a writer’s love affair with words, Maize paints compelling portraits of human interactions and relationships, powerfully brushed by rich descriptions of the natural world. 


The Arlington Club & Other Short Stories supports the Salvation Army of Reading at 301 S. 5th Street. The author reveals: “I support The Salvation Army based upon the story a coworker told me of the care and support he received from them when wounded in the Korean War. He could not speak more highly of them. In addition, within 72 hours of Hurricane Katrina making landfall, the Salvation Army was serving 20,000 meals a day to survivors and rescue personnel while FEMA was still looking for its keys.”

Our Books

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Under her business umbrella of Quilters Express to Japan, Susan Ball Faeder conducted 30 tours to Japan focusing on Japanese quilt art. A quilter since 1983, Susan’s artwork has been widely exhibited, both in the USA and around the world. Now able to devote full-time to the path of art, Susan's latest work was recently on display at the Milton Art Bank, in an exhibit titled "BLUE". Read full bio.


100 Amulets supports the work of Together Rising, a non-profit organization. Author Susan Ball Faeder says, “Glennon Doyle, author of the New York Times bestseller Untamed (among others), founded Together Rising ‘as an expression of her belief that the surest way to lift a family or community is to lift one woman at a time—that when a woman rises, she brings her people up with her.’ I concur.” Read more about the charity.


Visit Susan Ball Faeder's website, Quilters Express to Japan.


...for supporting the publication of the book, 100 Amulets. Generous help came from such Angels as Timothy Williamson and Michael J. Walker, as well as wonderful Patrons like Diana J. Gilpatrick, Kachina Leigh, Cathy Perlmutter, and Janice Rodriguez. Pretzel City Press especially honors the memory of Kachina's mother, the artist and teacher Connie Heller Horacek - pictured here:

Connie Heller Horacek.jpg
LD ZANE BOOK - Low Res.jpg


L.D. Zane served in the Navy for 7 years, spending much of his time aboard fast attack submarines and one combat tour in Vietnam. L.D.’s life is quieter now, and he has become devoted to writing. Read his full bio here and learn more about the author and his anthology through a recent interview with L.D. Zane here.


L.D. Zane's anthology supports the work of Veterans Making a Difference, a nonprofit founded by Doug and Liz Graybill, which benefits Berks County veterans. A percentage of profits from each book is donated to this organization.


Visit L.D. Zane's website and follow his Facebook page for updates on upcoming local readings, his latest published short stories, and more.

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Marian Wolbers is the principal operator / publisher of Pretzel City Press. She likes people, nature, honesty, spiritual questing, books, libraries, writers, readers, pretzels, and all kinds of food from grits to sushi.



Pa. German Cultural Heritage Society - Kutztown University

I chose this nonprofit organization to receive $1-a-book proceeds from sales of Pennsylvania Powwow because of the deep and important research the Center conducts year-round. They provided me with everything from information on the so-called "devil's door" painted on some barns, to writings and videos about the uniquely Pennsylvania Dutch (Deutsch) tradition of healing called powwowing, or braucherei.  The cover image on my novel comes from a photograph by Site Director Patrick Donmoyer, painted by artist Heidi Derstler Eckman.


Visit Marian Frances Wolbers' website to learn more.

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