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Help – I’m writing a book!

Writers should not be expected to do everything. Here’s how Pretzel City Press can help:

Ah yes, the sweet, sweet feeling of finally putting all of your thoughts down on paper and completing your book. It’s a great feeling (and a huge accomplishment), but we know the thought that will be looming over you shortly after… 


Now what?


We know because we’ve been there. Because we’ve been there, we know that it is easier to have some help along the way. There’s a lot that goes into getting your book published, from branding yourself and coming up with a marketing strategy for your book, to getting headshots and designing a cover for your book. It can get overwhelming to think about, but it is also exciting! Once you realize that no one expects you to do all of this alone, it gets a little easier to take the first step.


At Pretzel City Press, we are all about building each other up and supporting one another. We love connecting people with reliable resources that we personally know you can count on. Below is a list of resources that we’d recommend to our friends any day! 


MWE Services

MWE offers private consultations for a wide range of editorial services from book development to editing to manuscript prep and proofreading. MWE also has an extensive network of publicists, private submissions services, website developers, event planning, and other resources necessary for publishing success from all angles. To contact MWE directly, send an email!

Poets & Writers

Poets & Writers was founded in 1970 and is the nation’s largest nonprofit organization who serves creative writers. From workshops, literary grants, and writing contests P&W is a great resource! Their website includes a literary agents database and small presses database with invaluable information. Their magazine is another great resource.

Berks County Living

Berks County Living is the Greater Reading / Berks area’s regional magazine. Our principal operator and publicist, Marian Wolbers, writes for the magazine. You can view a sampling of her work for BCL here.

Writer's Relief

Writer's Relief is a submissions services company that connects submissions with literary agents and editors to help maximize the author's exposure and improve acceptance rate. Learn more here.

Writers Weekly

Writers Weekly is a respected site for freelance writing and is a subsidiary of the Book Locker family of businesses. This site is a great resource for freelance writing opportunities. Their newsletter is also a great resource.


AJC Photography   |   October Dreams Photography


Graphic Designers

Heidi Eckman  |  Berge Design  


Angela Cremer Ashley K. Canning

Social Media Consultants

Taryn Shillady

Person Writing
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