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The Publisher: Marian Wolbers

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Marian Wolbers is the principal operator / publisher of Pretzel City Press. She likes people, nature, honesty, spiritual questing, books, libraries, writers, readers, pretzels, and all kinds of food from grits to sushi. Born in Chicago, she’s a graduate of Bucknell University, with a BA in Japanese Studies, and Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, where she earned an MA in English Literature and loved every minute of study. She has worked in editing, writing, and publishing throughout her career, including Time-Life Books and Rodale Press, and is a noted novelist, poet, and dramatist, and member of Authors Guild and Dramatists Guild. She teaches at Albright College in Reading, Pennsylvania, a town well known as Pretzel City for its long tradition of pretzel-baking. 

The Mission Statement: Pretzel City Press LLC

Pretzel City Press was established in June 2020 as an independent publisher of thoughtful, high-quality nonfiction, fiction, poetry, and plays, with headquarters in Reading, PA. The Reading-Berks area has an inspiring, storied history of poets and writers, from Wallace Stevens to John Updike, and remains a treasure trove of elegant wordsmiths whose work illuminates the world, one person at a time. Readers and retail customers may purchase published works directly from online suppliers, or they may elect to buy autographed copies of works directly from the Press, receiving an added bonus of pretzel samples made in Pretzel City. Supporting local writers, pretzel makers, and charities (nonprofit organizations) in Berks County is core to the Pretzel City Press mission. As such, all authors select a qualified charity of their choice prior to the printing and publishing of their individual works. 


The Submissions Policy

Books published by Pretzel City Press are written by talented writers from all over the world. However, the publisher holds a firm commitment to prioritize writings by Berks Countians in an effort to provide a venue for their voices, storytelling, and causes, projects, or community charities that serve everyday needs and higher purposes of the diverse groups comprising our larger human family. The editorial review staff reads proposals with a special eye toward concepts of truth, beauty, and light.

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