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Anthony (Tony) Maize's Full Bio

Anthony Maize began writing fiction for his own amusement while still in high school. His short stories “Bosco Jones” and “Patty and Gert” were previously published in Evening Street Review. A member of the original Bold Writers group in Reading, PA, he has been a featured author in public readings, including at Albright College. Maize was born in Plainfield, NJ, but has lived most of his life in southeastern Pennsylvania. At various times, he has worked as a construction laborer, a house painter, a concrete finisher, a plumber, a freelance photographer, a foreign car mechanic, and—for 25 years—as a traffic analyst and highway designer. Maize spends his free time woodworking, photographing land and cityscapes, and writing novels and short fiction. His idea of a perfect autumn evening is sitting out on his deck with a glass of fine whiskey, a good cigar, and a great book, reading until it’s too dark to see.


Anthony Maize's first anthology of short stories leads readers to encounter themes of justice, love, lust, labor, redemption, retribution, fear, ghosts, and the spirit world. Some of Maize’s characters exist in interiority, in solitude, as in “The Cave,” interacting only with nature, memories, and a dog named Sue. Others meet in what can only be described as serendipitous good fortune, like the vagabond Bosco Jones and the elderly Miz Thibodaux (Maisy) who gives Bosco shelter, food, and clothing. With a photographer’s keen eye and a writer’s love affair with words, Maize paints compelling portraits of human interactions and relationships, powerfully brushed by rich descriptions of the natural world.

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