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He... Used to Notice Such Things, An Anonymous “Teacher’s Journal” – Coming in May 2024

Teacher Journal Front Cover.jpg

He ... Used to Notice Such Things is Part I in a trilogy filled with day-to-day reflections of work life at an American high school, coupled with home life and a loving marriage. This insider’s look from a dedicated educator’s vantage point is an honest, straightforward, thoughtful writing journey, which the author readily admits was a practice he used to overcome worry and cope with unexpected challenges. Interpersonal interactions and absurd happenings, from the mundane to the explosive, unfold in lively, philosophical, engaging ways. Cerebral moments become juxtaposed against funny, silly, and downright maddening adventures. Overall, tenacity, persistence, and acceptance are key themes beneath the struggles, the surprises, the colleagues, administrators, the kids, their parents, and the people in this teacher's life. 

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